Iran President slams US for sabotaging Boeing deal

IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said here on Tuesday that the vote of the US House Representatives for preventing sale of aircraft to Iran is the repetition of defeated policies adopted by Washington.

‘US could also take the opportunity created after the July 2015 nuclear deal but it is acting in the opposite direction,’ President Rouhani said in a meeting held in New York with senior members of the American media.

He added that the US continued adopting anti-Iran measures by voting against selling Boeing planes to the country, while Tehran needs new passenger planes.

On September 13, the US House of Representatives approved to prevent the sale of commercial aircrafts to Iran.

Touching upon the president chaotic situation of the world, President Rouhani said the present condition facing the world is resulted from series of wrong decisions and policies.

He further said that media play an effective role in the process of decision-making, unveiling the truth and defending rights of the nations.

Commenting on a question about the Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), President Rouhani said ‘IRGC is a great military and popular force, which played a leading role during the imposed Iraqi war on Iran (1980-1988), in our country.’

Presently the IRGC is also playing an important role in fighting against terrorism and ensuring security not only in Iran but also in Syria and Iraq.

Turning to the issue of ties between Tehran and Moscow, the Iranian President said the two capitals enjoy common views about most of the international and regional questions.

Iran and Russia are witnessing ‘growing ties,’ President Rouhani added.

Commenting on referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, President Rouhani said, ‘Geographical borders should not be changed. Any change against the constitution and territorial integrity will be dangerous for the security and peace in Iraq and in the entire region as well.’

The President stressed that any change in geographical borders will lead to tensions that would have no end.’
The Iraqi Kurdistan Region decided to hold a referendum on September 25 despite harsh oppositions from the federal government in Baghdad, and warnings from neighboring countries on the repercussions.

Commenting on certain attempts to make a relation between Islam and some terrorist groups, President Rouhani said, ‘Islam is a religion of peace and friendship.’

‘There is no relationship between Islam and terrorist groups. It is also possible that a Christian extremist group take a terrorist action which should not be related to Christianity,’ the Iranian President said.

‘Islam is against any violation, terror and killing and claiming any relation between Islam and terrorist groups is a dangerous accusation and a threat for the global security,’ he added.