Israel: ‘We have shot down Iranian-supplied Hezbollah drone’

The Guardian – Israel has shot down what it claims was an Iranian-supplied Hezbollah reconnaissance drone over the Syrian border only hours before a speech at the UN by the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he is expected to warn of the growing threat from Iran and its proxies on Israel’s northern border.

The drone, which Israeli military sources claimed took off from an airfield close to the Syrian capital, Damascus, was shot down by a Patriot missile from a battery deployed near the town of Safed just north of the Sea of Galilee.

Initial reports suggested that the drone had entered Israeli airspace before being amended to suggest it was shot down in the demilitarised zone near the Syrian border village of Quneitra.

Images on social media showed the trail of the Patriot in the skies above Safed.

The Israeli military said the drone was successfully intercepted by a single missile over the Golan Heights after two fighter jets were also scrambled to the border area.


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