UN Envoy: Iran committed to protecting ozone layer

IRNA – UN Representative residing in Iran Gary Lewis said on Sunday that since 1990 Iran has been committed to all its obligations to implement projects to protect ozone layer.

He made the remarks in a commemoration ceremony held for the 30th anniversary of Montreal Protocol and World Day of Ozone in the venue of Department of Environment.

Lewis added that since 2012 the UN is cooperating with DoE in the direction to implement projects to protect ozone layer and reduce gases which are destructive to ozone layer.

Iran has been committed until 2015 to reduce imports and consumption of destructive gases of ozone layer to 15 percent and Iran has done it in collaboration with UNIDO, Germany and related bodies.

Lewis underlined that Iran is a good model in the region, even in the world, in the field of reducing destructive gases of ozone layer and the reason behind it is to make progress in the field of environment protection.

He added that Montreal Protocol is one of the most successful conventions in the world, which could achieve its most environmental goals.

In October 2016, member-countries of Montreal Protocol convened in Rwanda and reached agreement to eliminate the whole destructive gases of ozone layer within the framework of Rwanda Protocol.

Lewis requested Iran’s government to consider Rwanda Protocol and approve it.