CBI: Lucrative investment opportunity for Iranian marketplace underway

IRNA – CBI Chief Valiollah Seif said on Sunday that some very lucrative investment opportunities for the Iranian marketplace are underway thanks to the integrity of the Iranian government in targeting macroeconomic goals and implementation of resistance economy in the country.

Speaking in the opening ceremony marking implementation of the second national employment opportunities in the country, he said that in the coming weeks scores of financial deals with foreign investors will be signed which will create suitable employment opportunities along with production growth.

There are huge numbers of demands for signing financial transactions with Iran and in the near future some very good news will be heard in this regard, he said.

The remarks and advises of the Supreme Leader in dealing with domestic and foreign economic shocks were heeded, Seif said.

The government is to focus on creation of job opportunities as well as production of homemade products at large, he said.