Iranian President urges all Gov’t bodies to observe citizens’ rights

Tasnim – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the importance of “Charter on Citizens’ Rights” in the progress of the country and urged all governmental organizations to observe the rights of the people.

“The foundation of our domestic policy… and our social security is based on respect for citizens’ rights,” Rouhani said at a cabinet session in Tehran on Wednesday.

He further emphasized that all of the country’s governmental organizations are obliged to observe the citizens’ rights.

Observing the rights will lead to progress all over the country, he added.

President Rouhani unveiled the Charter on Citizens’ Rights on December 19 last year.

“I am happy that I could materialize one of my campaign promises,” he said during a ceremony to unveil the document.

The charter has over 20 preambles, including the right to life, health and quality of life, right to human dignity and equality, right to freedom and personal security, right to self-determination, right to good administration and governance, freedom of thought and expression, right of access to information, right to access to cyberspace, right to privacy, as well as the right of association, assembly and demonstration.

It has also 120 articles which fully explain each preamble.