US feigning fight with Daesh: Iranian senior official

IRNA – Secretary General of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council said on Tuesday, the US pretends to fight against Daesh just to whitewash its years of support for the terrorist group.

Speaking to Tehran-based Arabic newspaper, Alwefaq, Ali Shamkhani said, ‘We have repeatedly received documented reports that the US-led coalition was after steering Daesh; in some cases that the US could suppress the group, they helped it escape the arena.’

Shamkhani added, ‘What we have seen, so far, on the part of the US and its allies has just been bombarding the residential areas, massacring women and children, targeting the area under the control of the Syrian Army and Iraqi People’s Mobilization Forces (PMF), some limited ineffective operations, and covertly helping the terrorists logistically.’

However, the Resistance Axis, including Iran, Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah are fighting the terrorists so sincerely and steadfastly that with being defeated repeatedly, the terrorists are on the verge of total annihilation, and the world is nearly saved from extremist Takfiris, he added.

Shamkhani also said that the Resistance has lost a great deal, in order to restore peace and security in the region, including many of youths, one of whom was Mohsen Hojaji.

Following a US strike against the Iraqi Popular Forces (Hashd al-Shaabi), Daesh (ISIS terrorist group) seized the opportunity to attack the Syrian troops deployed along the borders with Iraq in which Mohsen Hojajji, an Iranian military advisor was taken hostage by the terrorist group elements and beheaded later on camera.