After years of sanctions, Persian rugs back to brighten world markets

Al-Monitor | : Iran’s capital city hosted the world’s largest and most prestigious handmade carpet exhibition Aug. 23-29. Hamid Kargar, the head of Iran National Carpet Center, told Al-Monitor, “About 730 companies from across Iran and dozens of carpet traders from across the globe participated in the 26th Iran Handmade Carpet Exhibition.” He added, “Among them were more than 90 international businessmen, including 14 Americans and 14 Japanese, who came to Iran for the first time.”

The world-renowned Persian carpet, which is widely believed to have been around for more than 2,500 years, is deeply rooted in the Iranian national identity. There is probably no home in the country where at least one rug isn’t part of either the flooring or decoration.

As the world’s largest producer and exporter of handwoven carpets, Iran produces three quarters of total global output. According to Kargar, “About 3 million square meters of carpets are woven in the country every year, 65% of which is exported to about 80 countries across the globe.”

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