Iran’s President hails importance of Astana Summit

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks upon his arrival to Iran from Astana.

Speaking to reporters, he said that he is happy that after his re-election he has made his “first visit to a Muslim neighboring country” focusing on scientific and technological issues.

“The Astana talks are important as during the event leaders of the Islamic states have gathered together and exchanged views on issues of the Islamic world,” said the President.

He added that a good statement was released about cooperation among the Islamic countries and that is why he said in order to promote science and knowledge among Islamic states it is important to have tolerance and leniency.


The reason why the Islamic World attracted all scientists in the past and translated all foreign books was that it had interaction with the world, added the President.

He also pointed to a meeting which was held on the sidelines of OIC Summit on Myanmar crisis.

Rouhani referred to separate meetings which were held with his counterparts from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

We started a new stage with Turkey and started developing military and security relations, he said.

Talks also were held between Iran, Turkey and Russia on the Syrian crisis to solve regional problems through restoration of peace in Syria, holding negotiations and fighting against terrorism, the President noted.

“We also discussed the Iraqi Kurdistan and all parties shared the same idea that geographical borders should not be changed in order to avoid creation of new problems in the Islamic world,” Rouhani said.

Iran has good relations with Azerbaijan and we discussed bilateral ties and establishing cooperation on railway, transit and investing in Rasht-Astara railways.

We also held meeting with Kazakhstan on investment and coordination in energy, agriculture and extra-territorial cultivation, he added.

As for Iran relations with Uzbekistan, President Rouhani said that Iran had neither a close nor hostile relations with Uzbekistan.
“we held talks with Uzbek President [in Astana] for establishing new ties between the two countries,” he said.