Deputy Intelligence Minister: Over 100 terrorist teams disbanded in Iran

FNA- Deputy Intelligence Minister Shafiyee announced that nearly 100 terrorist teams have been disbanded by the country’s security forces.

“Highly serious measures have been taken in the Southern, Southeastern and Western parts of Iran and nearly 100 teams have been confronted,” Shafiyee said on Monday.

Noting that the ISIL terrorist group has sought to attack Iran, he said that “they tried to foment insecurity in the country in over 100 anti-security actions in the region” but the Iranian security forces thwarted their plots.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alavi announced that his forces have disbanded tens of terrorist teams in the past four years.

“In order to safeguard security in the country, the intelligence ministry has inflicted deadly blows to almost 120 terrorist teams in the past four years and killed many of their ringleaders and stripped them of capability to take an action,” Alavi said, addressing the parliament in Tehran.

Noting that many terrorist leaders, including Abu Hasib Balouchi, Abu Ayesheh Kordi, Abu Farsan and others, were identified and killed by Iranian security forces, he said that 3 tons of explosives, one thousand weapons and thousands of explosives and suicide vests were also discovered and seized in the past four year.