Israeli paper expresses concern over Iran-Turkey closeness

August 26, The Iran Project –  An Israeli newspaper expressed concern over Iran-Turkey closeness, referring to Iran’s army chief rare trip to Turkey as the head of a a top military delegation on August 16.

Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post in an article on Saturday said, “Last week saw evidence of the growing closeness between Iran and Turkey. Iranian Chief of Staff Gen. Muhammad Hossein Bagheri met with Turkish President Recep Tayepp Erdogan, following which Erdogan announced that the two countries have agreed on joint military action against the Kurdish PKK and its Iranian sister organization, PJAK.”

The Turkish President has said Tehran and Ankara may launch a joint operation against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its offshoot PJAK in the near future, adding that “A joint operation with Iran against terror groups that are posing threat is always on the agenda.”

The paper also stressed that Bagheri’s visit to Ankara was the first by an Iranian chief of staff since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The Jerusalem Post also wrote, “In backing the Shia militias as political and military forces, opposing Kurdish aspirations to independence, seeking by all possible means to establish forces along the border with Israel, and seeking to draw Turkey away from the West and toward itself, Tehran is pursuing a coherent, comprehensive policy and strategy.”

Earlier. some Middle East commentators had highlighted  Zionist Regime fear of Tehran’s increasing influence in the Islamic World particularly in the region.

Meanwhile, a senior Iranian expert on the regional issues says Joint military operations by Iran and Turkey seems unlikely.

The senior Iranian expert, Sadeq Maleki criticized Ankara’s policy toward Iraqi Kurdistan region and touching upon General Bagheri’s visit, said:

said, “Generally such visits between high ranking military officials of countries are positive sign of their relations, if such visits continues and win-win considerations be taken into account.”