Joint Iran, Turkey operations are unlikely

MNA –Senior Iranian expert on the regional issues says Joint military operations by Iran and Turkey seems unlikely.

In an exclusive interview with the international desk of Mehr News Agency (MNA),Senior Iranian expert, Sadeq Maleki criticized Ankara’s policy toward Iraqi Kurdistan region in the pased and warned about possible cosequences of the wall being constructed at the border of Iran and Turkey by Turkish side.

Touching on recent General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri’s, Chief of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces, visit to Turkey Sadeq Maleki said, “Generally such visits between high ranking military officials of countries are positive sign of their relations, if such visits continues and win-win considerations be taken into account.”

Referring to the construction of the border wall by Turkey at the country’s border with Iran, he said the issue of the PKK terrorist group and human trafficking are political, social and economic problems.

He told considering these two issues as security problems results in fruitless military approach and construction of wall.

Malki added, “Construction of the wall is a security and military measure, but it may have some political and economic consequences and affect Iran’s relation with regional countries.”

Regarding the Iraqi Kurdistan leaders’ decision to hold independence referendum and Ankara’s protest to it, he criticized Turkey’s policy toward Arbil in the past and said, “Ankara itself  paved the way for Iraqi Kurdistan to gain enough power to hold independence referendum by signing oil contracts with Arbil despite of strong  protest from Bagdad, training Pishmarga forces in order to change them to an army, fluttering the flag of Iraqi Kurdish region to welcome Barzani like a president in Ankara and so on.”

Commenting on some reports about joint military operation by Iran and Turkey against terrorist groups, Maleki said, “due to various considerations, agreement on joint operations is unlikely but simultaneous operations are likely agreed and such operations have already been done.”

Interview by: Maryam Jarah layegh