Iraqi Kurdistan delegation confers with Iranian envoy

IRNA – Iraqi Kurdistan region parliament members from Change Movement Party on Tuesday met the Iranian envoy and discussed this autonomous region’s ties with the central government.

Head of the Kurdish delegation Amin Bakr and Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi conferred also the issue of referendum proposed by some parties in the northern autonomous region.

The Change Movement Party and the Kurdistan Islamic Group have declared their opposition with the Kurdistan Democratic ruling party call for holding referendum on statehood on September.

Prior to this meeting, Rowsch Nuri Shaways, head of the Kurdistan ruling party delegation had also a visit to Baghdad and met with the Iranian envoy.

During the meeting, Masjedi voiced hope for success of talks between the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi federal government.

Iraq’s central government and the country’s neighbors, including Iran and Turkey have opposed the Iraqi Kurdistan region plan to hold a referendum on statehood.

The international community and the US have also opposed the idea and many Kurdish people and parties believe that referendum will add to the region’s problems.