World powers leading terrorism: Italian lawyer

IRNA – ‘I have attended European courts to defend victims of terrorism and found out that terrorism is guided by world powers,’ said Italian lawyer Carlo Corbucci on Friday.

‘The main supporters of terrorism and terrorist groups are non-national powers that are, by no means, related to the people,’ said Corbucci at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in a meeting for supporting the families of victims of terrorism.

He said, ‘In order to bring opposing governments and people to their knees, world powers create and support terrorist groups to act against them.’

Saying that the most stupid are chosen to pursue world powers’ aims, Corbucci added, ‘Behind terrorist attacks is the materialization of mafia goals of the overdemanding groups and countries. They try to gain what they want through terrorizing societies.’

Addressing the terrorists, he said, ‘Although you kill the innocent, and think you uproot them, but you should know that it is you who, de facto, are dead because you have chosen to leave humanity.’

The meeting was to commemorate the 17,000 Iranian martyrs of terrorism and for synergy against terrorism.

August 19 is the World Humanitarian Day in the UN calendar since 2011.