Larijani slams terrorist attack in Barcelona

MNA– Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani condoled with his Spanish counterparts over the tragic terrorist attack in Spain’s Barcelona.

In a message to the President of the Congress of Deputies Ana María Pastor Julián and President of the Senate of Spain Pío García-Escudero Márquez on Friday, Larijani condemned the inhumane act, saying it represents the spread of insecurity, violence and terrorism in today’s world, which makes clear the need for a global consensus to tackle the issue decisively.

“These events are the result of the support of some wealthy and powerful countries of the terrorist and extremist groups that I hope their conscience would finally wake up so that they might give up their peremptory supports,” he noted.

He expressed his condolence to the Spanish government, nation and the bereaved families of the victims over the bitter incident, hoping for the establishment of peace and security, and complete eradications of terrorists to avoid from such anti-human acts.