Execution of Iranian soldier by ISIS proves that U.S. is still at war with Iran

American Herald Tribune | Ali Salaam: From Saddam Hussein to ISIS, the U.S. has been actively arming a proxy war against Iran that has left around a million Iranians widowed/orphaned.

Mohsen Hojaji, a member of the Iranian advisory team operating in Syria at the request of the legitimately elected government of Syria, was captured by ISIS terrorists near the Tanf border crossing in southeast Syria.

What is interesting is that a few days prior, the U.S. bombed the anti-ISIS force known as the Popular Mobilization Units of Iraq near the Tanf region, which was recently secured by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies. Under both Obama and Trump, the U.S. has consistently targeted anti-ISIS forces with precise strikes, yet when it comes to America’s own efforts against ISIS, their strikes only seem to hit civilians and critical infrastructure. Given the track record of the U.S. in supporting and arming terrorist groups, this is by design rather than out of foolishness and failing to learn the lessons of history.

Hojaji was executed after ISIS boastfully posted his picture online in their custody.

Hojaji is yet another martyr to add to the countless Iranians who return home in bodybags for their wives and children to be widowed and orphaned, respectively.


These martyrs are a testament to the relevancy of Iran’s anti-American slogans, contrary to those in Iranian politics who say such slogans are needless, which flies in the face of America’s history as an aggressor and the world’s largest terrorist organization, only rivaled by the Zionist regime and the Saudi kingdom.

The emergence of ISIS in the Middle East is no accident, nor is it a random band of maurading takfiris who stumbled upon money and weapons.

While the U.S. invasion of Iraq certainly did empower al-Qaeda, of which a part of them turned into the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), that’s not the whole story.

Let’s go back to when Iraq was a friend of the United States. CIA files prove that America helped Saddam as he gassed Iran. According to the BBC Documentary “Iran and the West,” Saddam invaded Iran exactly one day after Iran had diplomatic talks with the West. This proves the two-faced, untrustworthy nature of the West. Such an invasion would have had to take much more than 24 hours to plan and execute.

Saddam was indeed directed by the U.S., Gulf states, Israel, and Britain to invade Iran, because Iran had the audacity to stand for its independence and dignity and oust the puppet government of the Shah.

That demonstrates the clearly deceptive nature of the Western diplomats that met with Iranian officials the day before the invasion. It is almost certain that they knew what was to happen, but like wolves in sheep’s clothing, they put on a public appearance of a peacemaker when they are nothing but an agent of corruption on this earth.

The over 1 million Iranians that died, in addition to the dead Iraqis (many of whom were forced into this unnecessary war of aggression on behalf of the Anglo-Zionist empire), died at the hands of the U.S. government. “Death to America” is the cry of the oppressed, of the widows and orphans whose loved ones were lost defending Iran’s independence and dignity.

“Death to America” is not directed at the American people, rather it is directed at the Rothschild-owned American system.

While America certainly is filled with blood and blemishes, from African & Irish enslavement to the Native American genocide, the golden nugget of America’s founding ideals can be seen in the Bill of Rights, which grants civil liberties and due process rights to all individuals operating within U.S. jurisdiction, whether they are a citizen or visitor. It can also be seen in Thomas Jefferson’s staunch opposition to private central banks, which was due to his disgust for the tyranny enabled by the Rothschild-owned Bank of England. Slavery never really ended in America, it simply took a new form which is harder to see and thus more evil and pernicious. Native American oppression never really ended either. On a personal level there is less racism in society, yet in the governmental, financial, and corporate level, bigotry and tyranny still are deep rooted within the American system for Afro-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and even extending to white America as well, making this a class struggle of the common man vs. the usurious central banking dynasties.

While small strides have been gained against racism, we haven’t lost it at a system wide level. Therefore, racism existed during America’s beginnings as well as America’s present. The only positive in America’s beginnings was the staunch opposition to privately-owned central banks and the citizens’ defense of the Bill of Rights, even if it applied to only a few groups of people, it was a foundation that would have extended to the rest of American society if racism and colonialism would have been something we evolved out of as a human species. However, in the past 100+ years we have lost the only thing good about America: Congressional control of the money supply and the fundamentals of the Bill of Rights. So while the past and the present both have racism and some form of enslavement, the present doesn’t even have the pretense of maintaining what was good about America’s founding values.

1913 was the death knell for any hope that America’s founding values could be equally applied to all people, regardless of their race or religion, while achieving justice for Native Americans. 1913 was the year that the new form of slavery, the one we cannot see, took hold. 1913 was the year that the Rothschild family created their 3rd privately-owned central bank of America: the Federal Reserve Act. Under this, a few families controlled the issuance of currency, which they loan out to banks and the U.S. government at interest. They print money out of thin air, while working Americans pay back both the principal and the interest through interest payments to the bank and through taxes owed to the U.S. government, as the IRS was also established along with the Federal Reserve.

Through the Fed’s ability to print money and bankroll government spending, they have been able to provide the slush fund for America’s endless military expansion around the globe. The Rothschild family is also responsible for the creation of the Zionist regime, as the Balfour Declaration was addressed to none other than Walter Rothschild.

The Federal Reserve has also created an environment of economic disadvantage for Afro-Americans, Latinos, and other ethnic/religious minorities.

What little was left of the small amount of good that existed in America’s founding values was destroyed in 1913. “Death to America” simply means an end to the international banker mafia’s control over the American system, not the American people. In fact, the American people themselves stand to gain tremendously from an end to the Federal Reserve, given the economic booms and busts its parasitic policies cause.

The global expansion of the American empire is due to the Federal Reserve, especially after 1948 when much of the U.S. military and intelligence’s operations in the Middle East have benefited the Zionist regime, not America.

The banking cartel bankrolled the Shah of Iran, and when Iran declared their independence, it bankrolled Saddam’s ability to slaughter Iranians.

After the war ended, some elements with Iranian society forgot America and Israel’s murderous hands behind Saddam’s bloodshed. They naively thought that America could be worked with. Not that there is anything wrong with smart diplomacy, to show that Iran takes the high road while still knowing that America and Israel are the enemy of mankind, but naive diplomacy, thinking that America can actually be made friends with if the oppressed of the world use nicer language towards the oppressor, is downright suicidal.

With that, many people around the world, including Iranians, question the wisdom of having Iran support the resistance against takfirism in Syria and Iraq, as well as falsely thinking that ISIS is some organic, grassroots phenomenon when they are an entity propped up and manufactured by the same powers that supported Saddam in the 1980s.

The ire of the Anglo-Zionist powers against Syria began when Syria and Lebanon were the only countries to refuse to have “peace” talks with the Zionist regime, understanding it was a Trojan Horse. They continued their resistance past the Arab-Israeli wars. In the 1980s, Ariel Sharon’s Operation Oranim, which wanted to take out the governments of Lebanon and Syria, to annex those countries and then have a launching pad against Iran, failed due to the resistance of Lebanon and Syria, with some help from Iran. During this time, Israeli strategist Oded Yinon came up with a plan to divide and conquer Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt along sectarian and ethnic lines so that the “Greater Israel” vision, a land that extends from the Nile to the Euphrates, could be established by getting the Arab-Islamic world to fight each other instead of fighting Zionism.

The Zionist entity occupied south Lebanon for many years, until 2000 they were defeated. The Oranim strategy was tried again in 2006, but they failed again.

They understood that Syria is the backbone of the resistance and much of the equipment used by Hezbollah in 2006, which led them to victory over Zionist aggression, came from Syria.

Wikileaks cables revealed that in 2006, the U.S. and Israel plotted to overthrow Syria’s democratically elected president Bashar al-Assad for his support of the resistance against the Zionist entity.

Instead of direct military confrontation, they used covert means. After NATO raped Libya by funding al-Qaeda rebels to kill Qaddafi, many of the West’s al-Qaeda mercenaries went to Jordan and Turkey to receive training.

So-called “grassroots” protests erupted in Syria, with chants of “Shias/Alawites to the grave, Christians to Beirut” being heard throughout the streets of Syria. Such bloodthirsty slogans were deemed by the corporate media in the West to be “peaceful” and “moderate” protesters who just love democracy so darn much.

Additionally, the Wahabbist/Salafist governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others began spewing sectarian propaganda against Shias and Alawites, which they have always done but not at this level. Because in order to safeguard the Zionist regime, Muslims must fight each other rather than be united against Zionism. As allies of the Zionist regime, Gulf states did well to cause an increase of sectarian hatred, particularly in the instance of Syria.

The “humanitarian” propaganda machine began to pull at the heartstrings of Westerners so that they could back new organizations like the Friends of Syria, started by Islamophobic former French President Nikolas Sarkozy, along with other European and American leaders, and members of the Syrian opposition. They helped to form the Free Syrian Army.

U.S. politicians like John McCain paid a visit to the FSA and took a photo op with people who were later identified to have been involved with the kidnapping of many Shiite pilgrims.

One FSA general admitted that they want to form a coalition government, which will include Syria’s al-Qaeda branch known as the al-Nusra Front.

FSA bb4f8

*(Syrian rebels holding the flags of Jabhat al-Islam (Saudi-backed), Free Syrian Army (Western-backed), and al-Qaeda (Israeli-backed). Image: courtesy of Reuters.)

The FSA were aligned with sectarian Salafist terrorists who would intentionally target Shi’a Muslims (along with their holy sites), Christians (along with their holy sites), as well as non-Salafi Sunni Muslims.

Iran decided to offer support to Syria for a number of reasons. For one, they have a mutual defense pact. Bashar al-Assad is the legitimately elected president of Syria, he is not an occupier, so he has the right to invite his mutual defense partners to his country if he deems fit. Second, from a religious perspective, Iran did not see any other force who had the capacity to protect Shiite holy shrines, such as the graves of the Prophet Muhammad’s family members, from suicide attacks and mortar rocket attacks from sectarian Salafist terrorists. Lastly, Iran is well aware of Israel’s Yinon Plan and America’s plan to take out 7 countries in 5 years (as revealed by General Wesley Clark), which includes Syria and Iran. Iran knows that if Syria goes, Iran is next on the bombing list. Hezbollah entered Syria quite late in the game for similar reasons, they saw the takfiris as a creation of the Zionist regime in order to weaken the resistance axis by creating an enemy within the gates of the Islamic world.

By this time, members of the FSA and al-Nusra broke off to merge with ISI in Iraq, to form ISIS/ISIL. The U.S. government knew that the rebels they were funding had the goal to establish a Salafist principality in Iraq and Syria, but they didn’t care and kept arming these psychopaths, and lo and behold, ISIS emerged shortly after that.

Wikileaks also revealed that Saudi Arabia directly funds and arms ISIS, in addition to other groups like Jaysh al-Islam, the FSA, and others.

ISIS is an intentional creation by the Anglo-Zionist empire in order to destabilize Middle Eastern countries the U.S. and Israel want control over as well as to create a horrific image of Islam for the Western world to see and increase in their Islamophobic sentiments.

The U.S. even “accidentally” airdropped weapons to ISIS fighters in both Iraq and Syria.

This policy of supporting terrorists continued from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, with the U.S. and Israel constantly bombing the Syrian Arab Army while they are making advances against ISIS and other terrorist groups. They even recently bombed an Iraqi anti-ISIS militia known as the Popular Mobilization Units, also while they were making gains against ISIS. However, in the U.S. coalition’s fight against ISIS, they never manage to make any significant progress and mostly just kill innocent civilians.

While ISIS carried out a terrorist attack in Iran, ISIS has never laid a finger on the Zionist regime, except once accidentally, for which they apologized for and Israel forgave them. The al-Nusra Front has a direct relationship with the Zionist entity.

It is clear that all the Syrian, Iranian, Lebanese, Iraqi, and Palestinian martyrs from the Axis of Resistance who are fighting against takfiri terrorism were killed not only by the terrorists themselves, but by those who created and support the terrorists: America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Just like the Iranians who came home in body bags in the 1980s were killed by America’s henchman Saddam Hussein, so are the ones who are currently coming home in body bags after being killed by America’s henchmen in Daesh and al-Nusra. As an American, I personally feel ashamed that my tax dollars go towards the killing of people like martyr Mohsen Hojaji.

Therefore, contrary to opposition to Iran’s revolutionary slogans, “death to America” is still relevant as the banker-owned American government is still paying for the deaths of innocent Iranians who go to defend Iran, the Muslim world, and all human beings existing in the region of the Middle East (regardless of religion) from Anglo-Zionist imperialism and their terrorist proxies.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards General Qassem Soleimani has vowed to fight ISIS and othe takfiri terrorist groups until they are no more. While Bush, Obama, and Trump have labeled Iran as a terrorist-supporting country, Iran fights against ISIS with far greater success and sincerity than the U.S. and Israel.

If only American generals had the honor and integrity that Soleimani had, they wouldn’t be fighting wars on behalf of Israel and the central bankers in which American troops are allied with some of the worst of terrorist groups.

The sooner that both Americans and Iranians wake up to the reality of who is responsible for the rise of ISIS – Israel, America, and Saudi Arabia – the sooner our mental clarity on the issue will enable us to act effectively to eradicate terrorism by means of military resistance as well as spiritual awakening, because only the ignorant and spiritually dead can be easily manipulated by evil ideologies such as Wahabbism.

As Americans, we have a duty to make sure that not one more penny of our tax dollars goes to contribute to the deaths of anti-terrorist resistance fighters like martyr Hojaji.