Alavi in Majlis

Intelligence minister: Terrorists’ plots to harm Iran foiled

IRNA – Intelligence Ministry has busted about 120 terrorist teams preventing them from inflicting any harms against Iran’s security, Rouhani’s pick for intelligence ministry said.

Mahmoud Alavi made the remarks Wednesday in Majlis open session held to review proposed ministers’ qualifications.

Addressing the lawmakers, Alavi said about 3 tons of explosives, about 1,000 weapons, cartridges and scores of road-side bombs and suicide vests.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani picked Mahmoud Alavi for Intelligence Ministry in the 12th government.

Alavi has also outlined his main plans as follows:
1. Reinforcing ties between executive and judicial branches
2. Promoting quantitative and qualitative indexes of Tazirat (reprimand) Organization
3. Trying to change law abidance to social norms and public values
4. Re-defining Justice Ministry responsibilities

Second day of Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) open session to discuss plans of President Hassan Rouhani’s proposed ministers kicked off today.

The proposed ministers are alphabetically being debated at Majlis sessions.