FM Zarif: Iran’s security, economic power from within

IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif emphasized that Iran’s security and economic power come from within.

Zarif made the remarks in Majlis open session on Wednesday while he was defending his plans as one of the cabinet picks taken by President Hassan Rouhani.

He underscored that the eye-catching attendance of top-ranking foreign dignitaries in President Rouhani swearing-in ceremony was unprecedented in the post-revolution Iran

Zarif reiterated that using Iranophobia is a worn-out tactic, adding that US will isolate itself if it is not loyal to its commitments under the historic nuclear deal also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Iran will seriously peruse confidence building policy in the reign, Zarif said, stressing that launching the Persian Gulf Dialogue Forum and making a unified front against terrorism in the region will top Iran’s foreign policy.

President Rouhani has suggested Iranian lawmakers to approve Mohammad Javad Zarif as Iran’s next foreign minister.

Part of Zarif’s qualifications are listed below:
1. PhD in International Studies
2. Minister of Foreign Affairs in the 11th government
3. Iran Permanent Envoy to the United Nations
4. Foreign Minister advisor
5. Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs
6. Head of UNESCO Culture Commission
7. Publishing scores of books and articles in international affairs field

Zarif has also outlined his main plans as follows:

1. Safeguarding Iran’s independence, national unity and territorial integrity
2. Giving aids to maintain national security
3. Playing constructive role and increasing regional and international penetration
4. Reducing county’s vulnerability
5. Helping to develop countries in all fields
6. Promoting ties and decreasing tensions and hostilities