Kurdistani referendum delegation and Iran ambassador hold joint press conference

Rudaw– Ambassador: Iran supportive of Kurdistani referendum delegation talks with Iraq. Iran’s ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi said in a joint news conference with Kurdistan’s referendum delegation to Baghdad that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports any negotiation between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, and Iran supports any outcome or mutual understanding that results from the discussions between the two.

The Kurdish side saw the meeting with the Iranians as beneficial.

“In general, the meetings were positive and hopeful,” Dr Rozh Nuri Shaweys, head of Kurdistan’s delegation said.

The Kurdistani delegation is continuing its national dialogue.

“The solutions are open. We openly and without conditions spoke about the problems and parties which have become problems to the Kurdistan Region, and that which need to be resolved. The wish of Kurdistan’s nation to decide their future through referendum was also discussed,” Shaweys added.

The Kurdistani delgation believes the referendum will lead to peace.

“We have come to tell them not to see the referendum negatively because this is one solution which will in the future bring us closer to each other on the basis of brotherhood and shared interests,” Shaweys said.

Tehran wants continued discussions between Erbil and Baghdad.

The ambassador detailed that they had intense discussions with the Kurdistan Region’s delegation headed by Dr Shaweys. He expressed his hope that the delegation succeeds in fulfilling the duty it has in Baghdad.

Masjedi added Iran conveyed its opinion on southern Kurdistan’s referendum to the Kurdistan Region’s delegation and asked them to hold discussions with Baghdad. He revealed that Iran supports these discussions regardless of their outcome.