Bahrain forces attack Independence Day rallies

Press TV- Bahraini regime forces have attacked anti-regime protesters who took to the streets in several areas to mark the country’s Independence Day.

On Monday evening, protesters staged demonstrations on Sitra Island and the villages of Barbar, Abu Saiba and Shakhoura on the anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain on August 15, 1971.

During the rallies, they chanted slogans in the nation’s right to self-determination.

However, regime forces intervened and opened fire to disperse the demonstrators.

There were reports of injuries among the protesters in Abu Saiba. Clashes also erupted between the regime forces and demonstrators in Ma’ameer after Manama’s forces moved in to suppress the demonstration in the village.

Thousands of anti-regime protesters have held demonstrations in Bahrain on an almost daily basis ever since a popular uprising began in the country in mid-February 2011.

They are demanding that the Al Khalifah dynasty relinquish power and allow a just system representing all Bahrainis to be established.

Manama has gone to great lengths to clamp down on any sign of dissent.

Scores of people have lost their lives and hundreds of others sustained injuries or got arrested as a result of the Al Khalifah regime’s crackdown.