Iran to omit ‘Divorced’ from women’s identity documents

IFP- An Iranian MP says the government is to present a bill to the Parliament whose ratification will lead to the removal of divorce details from women’s identity documents.

Salman Khodadadi, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s Social Commission, says plans are underway to remove divorce details from the birth certificates of divorced ladies.

“The government’s plan to submit a bill suggesting the word ‘divorce’ be removed from divorced women’s identity certificates is a right and influential decision,” he noted, according to a Farsi report by Mehr.

He said the omission of divorce details from women’s identity certificates does not mean a denial of their past marriage, and it is possible to inquire about their previous marriages from the State Organization for Registration of Civil Status.

The MP’s comments came after the government announced it was going to submit the bill in an effort to diminish the negative effects of separation on women.

After divorce, a woman is not related to her previous husband anymore. Therefore, there is no need to mention the name of her last husband in her identity certificate. That means arrangements can be made to drop divorce details from women’s birth certificates.