Over 1200 companies to partake in Tehran int.l exhibition of construction industry

August 8, The Iran Project – An official with Iran’s Chamber of Cooperatives (ICC) has announced that more than 1200 companies will attend the 17th international exhibition of the construction industry in Tehran.

Attending a news conference on Tuesday, Seyed Mohammad Karimi, a member of the Board of Directors of Iran Chamber of Cooperatives said the 17th Tehran international exhibition of the construction industry will be held from August 12-15 with the presence of 887 domestic and 391 foreign companies in Tehran.

Thirty one foreign countries participate in the exhibition, Karimi noted, adding a number of Arab countries including Qatar, UAE and Oman also take part in this year’s event.

Stressing the presence of 1278 foreign and domestic companies in the exhibition, he reiterated that Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Canada, Austria, Ukraine, Belgium, Portugal, Taiwan, Denmark and Russia are among the countries that will definitely present the event.

He went on to say that holding workshops and ‌construction industry conferences as well as giving some booths to banks, insurance companies, the Institute of Standards, and the Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology are among the programs of the 17th international exhibition of construction industry.

Tehran international exhibition of construction industry is among the biggest and most significant fairs in Iran and in the region in terms of the number of participants and its diversity as well.

The 17th Tehran international exhibition of the construction industry is a four-day event from August 12 to 15 at the Tehran International Fair ground in Tehran, Iran. Last year, the exhibition attracted more than 40,000 visitors, showcased by 1,195 domestic and foreign companies from more than 24 countries.