Army Air Force destroys ISIS gatherings and vehicles in different areas across the country

SANA– The Syrian Air Force carried out concentrated sorties against positions of ISIS terrorists in a number of villages and towns in the southern countryside of Raqqa province.

A military source told SANA that a number of the ISIS vehicles and positions were destroyed in sorties carried out in al-Bawlieh Mountain, Ma’adan, al-Khmaisieh, al-Jaber, and al-Numaisa to the south of Raqqa City.


The Syrian Air Force inflicted heavy losses upon the ISIS terrorists in airstrikes against their gatherings in the Salamiyeh eastern countryside of Hama central province.

The Army Air Force carried out airstrikes against gatherings and fortifications of the ISIS terrorists in al-Khashabiyieh, al-Fasda, Abu Hubailat, Jana al-Albawi, al-Dukailieh al-Shamalyia, and Salba in the eastern countryside.

Command centers and armored vehicles belonging to the ISIS terrorists were destroyed and a number of terrorists were killed in the airstrikes.


Syrian Arab Army units regained control over Manoukh village in the eastern countryside of Homs province after eliminating the last gatherings of ISIS terrorists in it.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Air Force destroyed positions and vehicles belonging to ISIS terrorists in a number of villages and towns in Homs Countryside.

In the eastern countryside, the Air Force destroyed positions, vehicles and cars belonging to the ISIS in the village of Hmeimieh.

The airstrikes also targeted ISIS gatherings and positions in Um Sahrij, to the east of al-Taiba and Twainan, inflicting heavy losses upon them in the arms and personnel.

Deir Ezzor 

Warplanes of the Syrian Air Force carried out strikes on gatherings and fortifications of ISIS terrorists in the areas of Sariet Jneid, al-Jafra, the surroundings if the Maqaber (cemeteries) area, and Alloush hill at the vicinity of Deir Ezzor city, destroying terrorists’ positions and vehicles and killing many of them.

A military source told SANA’s reporter that army units clashed with ISIS terrorists in the cemeteries area and the surrounding of Regiment 137, the Airport, and al-Bogheilia, killing many terrorists including Mohammad Rakan al-Hassan.
Local sources told SANA that a number of terrorists including “Abu Mohammad al-Khurasani,” who was in charge of recruiting and training terrorists in Deir Ezzor, have fled.

The sources also said that the terrorist organization executed three people in al-Hussain village in the northern part of Deir Ezzor and they also stitched shut the mouths of three young men with wires in al-Salehiya village under the pretext that they were talking about the military losses of the terrorist organization.