Iran urges China to join anti-terror campaign in Syria

FNA- Iranian Supreme Leader’s top aide for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati in a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Pang Sen underlined the need for China’s help in the war on terrorism in Syria.

“The Chinese government should play a more effective role in supporting the oppressed people of Syria,” Velayati said during the meeting in Tehran on Thursday.

“I had also affirmed in my recent meeting with China’s Special Envoy to Syria that China has a constructive role in Syria and in international affairs,” he added.

Velayati reiterated that China can play a major role in realizing the absolute rights of the Syrian nation and the legitimate government of Syria.

The Chinese ambassador, for his part, delivered the message of China’s Special Envoy to Syria Xie Xiaoyan who had met with Mr. Velayati earlier in Tehran on July 23.

Pang highlighted that currently the regional affairs have an international scope of consequences and this calls for a more positive role of a country like China.

The Chinese envoy, meantime, thanked the Iranian official for giving him the chance for the meeting and discussed some issues about regional and international cooperation between Iran and China.

In relevant remarks in late July, China’s special envoy to Syria announced his country’s preparedness to partner in projects to reconstruct Syria after the devastating war against the terrorist groups.

“We hope that peace and stability will return to Syria after the recent developments and continued ceasefire and then it will be time for reconstruction,” Xie said in Tehran.

“All groups should make joint efforts to start reconstruction in the near future and China as a UN Security Council member is ready to act upon its responsibility to reconstruct Syria and we are prepared for it,” he added.

Xie also referred to the future political events in Syria, and said, “Syria’s fate should be in hands of its people, including the formation of government, the constitution and election of a president.”

He underlined that the foreign countries shouldn’t interfere in Syria’s internal affairs, adding, “We don’t want a recurrence of Iraq, Libya and Yemen problems.”