Iran’s space activities for peaceful purposes: Official

IRNA – Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Head of Iran’s Space Agency Mohsen Bahrami said that all Iranian space activities including launching and using satellites are conducted for peaceful purposes.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of signing an agreement between the agency and University of Kashan on Sunday, he added that all the country’s space activities are taking place with international interactions.

Recalling Iran’s good record in designing and building remote-sensing satellites, the official said that a center intended for the same purpose had been set up in Karaj Mahdasht in 1971.

“Several Iranian universities are currently engaged in building several remote-sensing satellites and Satellite codenamed ‘Payam-e Amir Kabir’ will be prepared for launch in less than a year,” he said.

Noting that Satellite ‘Zafar’ will be put into orbit in less than two years, Bahrami said that Satellite ‘Friendship’ is also waiting for launch.

Turning to building a telecommunications satellite, Bahrami said extensive international talks have been conducted so that “we will be able to meet the needs of the country by making such a satellite.”

The agreement on the establishment of a research center for space sciences and discoveries in Kamu, suburb of Kashan, was signed by Bahrami and chancellor of Kashan University on Sunday.