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Anti-Israel rally held after Tehran Friday prayers

IRNA – People in the Iranian capital, Tehran took part in an anti-Zionism demonstration after the Friday prayers to condemn recent crimes against Muslims in the occupied Palestinian Lands as well as Myanmar.

Demonstrators, after the prayers on Friday, participated in a demonstration, chanting slogans against the Zionist regime, United States, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

They also declared support for the Muslims in Myanmar and slammed genocide of Muslims in the southeast Asia country by the extremist Buddhists.

At the end of the rally, demonstrators in a statement once again declared their support for the Palestinian Intifada and condemned recent Al-Aqsa Mosque violence by the Zionists.

Demonstrators in their statement also criticized international bodies for their silence towards the brutal killing of Muslims in Myanmar.

The statement also condemned the new US anti-Iranian sanctions and went on to denounce the Takfiri terrorist groups and Saudi Arabia plots for creating discord among Muslims.

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