Iraq should remain united: Deputy FM

IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary and Expatriates Affairs Hassan Qashqavi said that violating Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity is in no way acceptable and Iran believes that a united, strong and democratic Iraq is the best option for the region and world.

Addressing a ceremony marking liberation of Mosul in Iraq’s Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, he added, “Iraq and Iran’s security and stability are closely connected with each other and we should keep vigilance against plots of the enemies, Zionist regime in particular which see their interests in Iraq’s division.”

“I am happy to attend the Iraqi nation and government’s festival on the occasion of Mosul liberation and collapse of the superstitious and satanic government of Daesh,” he said.

After the announcement of liberation of Mosul by Prime Minister Heydar Al-Abadi, Iranian officials in various levels sent hilarious messages to share themselves in the Iraqi nation and government’s festivals.

No doubt that Mosul liberation happened as a result of the fatwa issued by religious authorities, a strategic move which determined the duty of the nation against the evil phenomenon of terrorism and provided a solid backing for the Iraqi Army and armed forces, said Qashqavi.

He further said that the Iraqi nation is an outstanding example of peaceful coexistence of different ethnic and religious groups and it has acquired great achievements in political sphere.