Why US must avoid war with Iran, NY Times explains

Press TV- In an editorial, The New York Times has enumerated a number of flaws in US foreign policy, which could trigger a war with Iran, suggesting engagement in dialog with Tehran instead of resorting to force.

The paper offered a list of concerns over a possible war in the Middle East in a Thursday opinion piece, which sounds like a warning amid the US administration’s reckless acts of incitement to an armed conflict with the Islamic Republic.

“The last thing the United States needs is another war in the Middle East,” the paper said in the opinion piece.

The piece highlights US President Donald Trump’s threat, during his election campaign, to rip up the 2015 nuclear deal signed between Iran and world countries, including the US itself.

It said Washington had already done much in the way of hurting the deal’s outcome by urging European leaders not to do business with Iran.

“Instead of taking advantage of this diplomatic breakthrough, Mr. Trump seems intent on reversing it by provoking Iran to renege or reneging himself, in much the way he rejected the Paris climate accord,” the piece read.

Secondly, the feature took issue with the US Congress constant attempts to slap sanctions on Iran over its missile work. Iran has repeatedly asserted that the missile program was purely defensive in nature and not in contravention of the deal.

Thirdly, the contributor raised alarm concerning hints by senior US officials “at support for regime change, despite the dismal record in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.”

“But some experts say this time is more serious, because Mr. Trump accepts the simplistic view of Sunni-led Saudi Arabia that Shia-led Iran is to blame for all that’s wrong in the region,” it added.

The piece asserted that there was always room for negotiations towards de-escalation, and stressed that dialog had mutually benefited both the countries during the talks, which resulted in the nuclear agreement.