US Justice Dep. accuses 2 Iranians of violating sanctions

IRNA – US Department of Justice in a latest attempt against Iranian nationals accused two Iranians of violating anti-Iran sanctions.

“The Department of Justice announced indictments against two Iranians for hacking a software company in Vermont,” Washington Examiner website reported on Tuesday.

it claimed, “On Monday, Mohammed Reza Rezakhah and Mohammed Saeed Ajily were charged with five counts, including conspiracy computer fraud and abuse; unauthorized access to, and theft of information from, computers; wire fraud; exporting a defense article without a license; and violating sanctions against Iran.”

“The alleged criminal activity began in 2007 when Rezakhah, along with another Iranian, hacked into vulnerable computers in order to steal software information that they would sell outside of the U.S.,’ said a statement by the US Justice Department.

According to Justice, Ajily funded the operations, tasking Rezakhah and others with retrieving the information. The government alleges Ajily would then market the materials to interested parties in Iran, despite the sales being ‘in contravention of U.S. export controls and sanctions.’

In 2012, the operation focused on hacking a company that worked on aerodynamics, specifically relating to projectile technology, prosecutors said. Such information cannot be removed from the U.S. without approval from the State Department.

US levels accusations against Iran on while Washington itself is accused of cyber attack to Iran nuclear installations and infrastructures.

According to leaked information of ‘Shadow Brokers’, Stuxnet virus which inflicted serious damage to Iran nuclear power plant in order to ruin the nuclear deal seems to be designed by US National Security Council, the Russia Today has said in a recent report.

“Malicious computer malware that caused substantial damage to Iran’s nuclear program may be the work of the NSA, researchers burrowing into the latest leak from hacking group Shadow Brokers have discovered within the computer data,” it said adding, ‘Officials, who spoke under anonymity to The Washington Post, said in 2012 that the worm, developed under George W.Bush’s administration and continued under Barack Obama’s, was designed to damage Iran’s nuclear capabilities.”

Meanwhile, another report by the New York Times had said that the Stuxnet virus was the US-Israel joint project to damage Iran uranium proliferation program.