Iran hails Syrian initiative to monitor crimes against humanity

IRNA – The initiative by a number of Syrian lawmakers to launch a center in two towns of al-Foua and Kafriya to monitor crimes against humanity is a duly measure, Iran Parliament (Majlis) Speaker’s advisor for international affairs says.

“Iran is steadfast in fighting terrorism and finding a political solution to the Syrian issue,” Hossein Amirabdollahian said in a meeting with Head of Syria-Iran parliamentary friendship group Hussein Raqib al-Hussein on Sunday.

Praising recent victories as well as political achievements in Syria, and the resistance in al-Foua and Kafriya against the Takfiris, he said that silence of some countries and international bodies in the face crimes committed by terrorist organizations have emboldened the perpetrators of terrorist activities in the region.

The two Syrian towns, 10 km to the northern Idlib, have been under siege since 2015 by terrorist groups.

Amirabdollahian emphasized that using parliamentary capacities can play a significant role in supporting Syrian people, including those in al-Foua and Kafriya.

Raqib al-Hussein, also the representative of al-Foua and Kafriya in the Syrian Parliament, said for his part that the Zionist regime of Israel and some of its Arab and Western allies are the main cause of current crises in the region, as well as the terrorism axis in the world.

Efforts and measures to weaken the resistance axis in every part of the world have been ineffective and the definite result of all these would be the resistance victory, he said.

The Syrian Member of Parliament also blamed the failure of international organizations in sending humanitarian aids for the conditions of civilians in al-Foua and Kafriya that he described as chaotic.

Appreciating Iran’s leadership, government and public support, he said that Iran has been playing a significant role in fighting terrorism in Syria and the region.