Gigantic rise in Iran exports to Oman in 2016

July 16, The Iran Project – Secretary-General of Iran-Oman Chamber of Commerce has stressed the significant growth in Iran’s exports to Oman, saying the Islamic Republic exported goods worth $ 543 million by the end of 2016.

 Speaking at a conference on Oman market and Export Opportunities in Kerman Province on Sunday, Anahita Farzam referred to China, Iran and the United Arab Emirates as trade partners of Oman and said by the end of last year, Tehran exported $ 543 million worth of goods to Muscat and imported goods worth $ 68 million from the country.

It has been reported that the volume of trade exchange between Iran Oman grew from $ 221 million in 2013 to $ 611 million in 2016, Farzam noted, adding the most important items Tehran exported to Muscat were fruits, vegetables, dairy products, raw meat, dried fruits, saffron, ironware, etc.

She also pointed to oil and petroleum products, motor vehicles with a capacity of 1,500 and 1,000 cc, and spare parts for vehicles as the most significant items Iran has already exported from Oman.

The Iranian official said Oman’s economic growth was 3 percent in 2016, adding oil, agriculture, fisheries, and tourism are among the main economic fields in the country.

Touching upon the advantages of taking part in Oman’s market, she said given the country’s great political relations in the region, it can provide proper opportunity to access the world markets