Iraq envoy hails some neighbors’ role in defeating Daesh in Mosul

IRNA – Ambassador of Iraq to Pakistan says that some neighboring states of his country have played important role in winning the fight against terrorist group Daesh and defeating the terrorists in Mosul.

Ali Yasin Mohammed Karim talking to journalists at the embassy of Iraq on Friday after the victory of Mosul said Pakistan has also helped Iraq in the war against terrorism.

He said that Daesh is a dangerous international terrorist’s organization who has made new stories of cruelty in the history of mankind.

The Iraqi ambassador said that all Iraqi people and groups including Kurds, Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) and Sunni tribes were united in defeating Daesh terrorists.

The diplomat went on to say that terrorists from than 100 countries were present in Daesh who killed thousands of innocent Iraqi people.

“Some of our neighbors helped us a lot in the fight against Daesh, he said.

On July 11, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared complete liberation of the city of Mosul, former Daesh stronghold from Takfiri terrorists.

Mosul fell in June 2014, when Daesh in an attack took control of the city. Iraqi forces launched the operation to retake Mosul on October 16, 2016.