Mahan Air

Moscow-Tehran flight makes emergency landing, passenger dies

Tasnim – An airplane belonging to Iran’s Mahan Air en route from Moscow to Tehran made an emergency landing in Iran’s northern city of Rasht after one of its passengers suffered a medical situation.

The Mahan Air Flight 085 made an unscheduled stop in the Sardar Jangal International Airport in Rasht after the passenger suffered a mid-flight medical emergency.

The traveler has died despite all-out efforts made by the flight crew and their colleagues in the Sardar Jangal airport to make the emergency landing as quickly as possible to save the passenger’s life.

The Mahan Air’s flights have already made several emergency landings in recent years due to various problems.

Back in 2015, a Boeing 747 operated by the airline landed at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport after a part of its engine was detached from the plane.

The plane, with more than 300 passengers on board, was on a flight to the southern port city of Bandar Abbas.

But two minutes after takeoff the pilots decided to return to Tehran’s airport when a piece of engine came off and hit the body of the plane.

It later crashed into a nearby field, forcing the plane to return and make an emergency landing.