Dividing terrorism into good or bad, wrong: Iran police chief

IRNA – Dividing terrorism into good and bad is a strategic mistake, Iran’s Police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari said here on Monday.

“Division of terrorism recognizes no limits and it is a threat to the global security,” Ashtari said, addressing the Project KALKAN meeting underway in the Iranian capital.

The two-day Project KALKAN Operational Working Group Meeting on Introducing Counter-Terrorism Mechanisms kicked off in Tehran today with participation of Iran’s Police chief, Secretary General of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Jürgen Stock and 75 representatives from 29 international and regional organizations.

Iran’s Police chief, during the meeting, stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation and using the related experiences to avert the activities of the newly-emerged and organized crimes.

“Today, terrorism establishes a big global challenge” and no country around the world is capable of fighting it alone, Ashtari said, underlining the need for fighting the sinister phenomenon of terrorism through fostering global cooperation.

He further said that in order to preserve collective interests, we need to fight terrorism within the framework of the international commitments.

“Terrorism is the result of poverty, discrimination, ignorance and racism,” said Ashtari, adding the problem of terrorism is not limited to a specific region or religion.