Bahram Qassemi

Art’s language beyond diplomacy: FM Spokesman

IRNA — Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Sunday that art’s language is sometimes much more effective and eloquent than that of politics, diplomacy, and even economy.

“Political and inter-governmental relations make good sense when they turn into ties between people,” Qasemi said.

He added that in today’s world, different languages can be used for communication between governments, countries and nations.

“In certain circumstances, only the language of politics may be effective and definitive, and in others the language of economics or culture; however, sometimes these won’t suffice,” Qasemi added.

In the complicated modern world and region in which the baseless idea of Iranophobia exists and is being propagated by certain regional and trans-regional countries, general diplomacy and language of art can be highly effective and eloquent, and sometimes one needs to talk only with the language of art, the foreign ministry spokesman said.

He hoped to see that all Iranian organizations make a joint effort to use the language of art more often in order to draw the true cultural and peace-seeking picture of Iran and expose the world to it to let the figure out that “Iran is a cradle of civilization, culture, and history’.

Talking about the Iran-Italy joint symphony in Ravenna, Italy, he said that such events can’t be totally effective if not pursued and should consistently be performed to have the ideal influence.

Italian and Iranian artists performed together in Tehran (July 6) and Ravenna (July 8), in the spirit of brotherhood that has breathed life into the ‘Paths of Friendship’ program since 1997.

The project “Roads of Friendship” was launched on 14 July 1997 by building a bridge between Ravenna and the opposite shores of the Adriatic Sea.