Iran, Russia send military delegation to Afrin

FNA- Kurdish sources reported that a Russian-Iranian military delegation has recently been dispatched to Northern Aleppo to study the situation in the strategic town of Afrin after Turkey’s recent threats to launch ground assault against the town.

Al-Darar al-Shamiyeh news website affiliated to the dissidents quoted the sources as saying that the delegation has entered Afrin.

Also, the Saudi al-Hayat newspaper reported that the delegation has been sent to Afrin to become informed of the latest achievements gained by the army and its allies after the recent Syria peace talks in Astana as well as the field situation in the town and Northern Aleppo after Turkey’s recent threats.

A well-informed local source in Northern Aleppo reported earlier this month that thousands of militants affiliated to the Turkish Army are to kick off an imminent large-scale operation codenamed Seif al-Forat (the Euphrates Sword) in Afrin region.

The source reported that the Syrian Army Forces (FSA), backed up by the Turkish soldiers, are ready now to carry out a large-scale operation in Afrin region with over 20,000 fighters.

The Turkish-language Sabah daily reported, meantime, that the Ankara-backed militants are expected to start their operation from West of the town of Azaz and from the town of Ein Daqneh and Ming military airport in Northern Aleppo to move towards the towns of Tal Rifat and Afrin in Aleppo province and the town of Tal Abyadh in Northern Raqqa.