Astana Talks

Syria delegation at Astana blames Turkish negativity for modest results

Sputnik News– The Syrian government delegation in Astana blames Turkey’s “negative attitude” toward the Astana peace process for the lack of results of the fifth round of talks, delegation head Bashar Jaafari said Wednesday.

The government delegation stated that all sides had a positive viewpoint, except Turkey, what reflects the country’s attitude towards the Astana talks.

“The result is very modest, contrary to the positive viewpoint taken by all the parties, except for the Turkish delegation. There has been an indication that the Turkish policy towards to Astana process is a negative policy. That negativity resulted in the modest outcome of Astana [round] five,” Jaafari told reporters on the results of the fifth international meeting.

The next intra-Syrian meeting in Astana will be held in the last week of August, according to the joint communique of Syrian ceasefire guarantor states — Russia, Turkey and Iran — on the results of the fifth round of the talks.

“[It has been] decided to hold the next high-level international meeting on Syria in Astana in the last week of August 2017,” the communique read.

The Syrian ceasefire guarantor states — Russia, Turkey and Iran — have decided to hold the next meeting of the joint working group on August 1-2 in Iran to continue delineation of de-escalation zones, according to the joint communique of guarantor states on the results of the fifth round of the Syrian settlement talks in Astana.

“[It has been] decided to hold next meeting of the joint working group on August 1-2 in Iran,” the communique read.

The fifth international meeting on Syria in Astana took place on July 4-5, and brought together the delegations from the three guarantor states — Russia, Iran and Turkey — as well as the Syrian sides and the United Nations teams. Jordan and the United States act as observers.    sputniknews.