Mosul: Iraqi forces on verge of full liberation of key district from ISIL

FNA- The Iraqi forces continued their non-stop battle against ISIL terrorists in the Old City of Mosul, inching closer to winning back the key district.

The Iraqi forces continued to hit ISIL’s last positions in the Old City district in Mosul and managed to lay siege on the remaining pockets of terrorists in their positions in al-Qal’iat and al-Meidan areas.

Local sources, meantime, reported that the Iraqi Air Force and artillery and missile units have been heavily pounding ISIL’s movements in al-Qal’iat and al-Meidan.

Iraq’s anti-terrorism body, meantime, said that the Iraqi forces should capture 1km before they could declare the full liberation of the Old City of Mosul.

The Arabic-language tv networks reported that ISIL militants that are still in the Old City of Mosul do not exceed fifty.

Commander of Nineveh Liberation Operation Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah stated on Monday that Iraqi army forces had recaptured al-Khatouniyeh and al-Tawaleb neighborhoods in the Old City as ISIL militants have now been mostly dislodged from Western half of Mosul, and are battling to hold on to the last few streets under their control.

In the meantime, Commander of Federal Police Forces Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat announced on Monday in a statement that security forces had liberated Bab al-Saray area, and raised Iraqi flags above several buildings there.

He said that government forces had also taken over Zultawabeq garage and Khozam Mosque in addition to a terminal in Mosul’s Old City.

The general added that Iraqi troops were advancing towards Khalid ibn al-Walid and al-Nujaifi areas.

Jawdat announced on Sunday that the Northeastern bank of the Tigris River was completely freed from ISIL, saying full liberation of Mosul city would be announced soon.

Jowdat said that after the Iraqi forces drove ISIL out of the Northeastern part of the Tigris River’s bank, the terrorists fled towards the regions in the North-East that is under the control of anti-terrorism forces.

The Iraqi Police Chief further said that a public declaration would be made about victory, adding that “after the full liberation of Mosul, we would move towards other ISIL-held regions in Iraq.”

In the meantime, Commander of Qademoun Ya Nineveh Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah informed of the liberation of Macawi region and al-Shefa neighborhood.

Field sources, meantime, reported that the Iraqi forces managed to push ISIL back from Bab al-Hadid neighborhood, Bazaar al-Arba’a and Iron Bridge in old city district of Mosul city.