Spokesman: Hosting MKO dark spot in Iran-France ties

IRNA – Hosting the terrorist group Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) in Paris is a dark spot in Iran-France ties, said Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday.

Bahram Qasemi made the remarks in the weekly press conference on Monday referring to the terrorist group MKO recent meeting in Paris.

“Actually, the MKO has moved to France since 1982, when the organization’s positions became more hostile and it launched armed attacks and terrorist actions,” he added.

The event is held annually and is not a new issue specific to this year and Mr. Zarif’s visit, according to Qasemi.

“The issue has already been raised between Iran and France, and Tehran has always protested it and complained about Paris behavior, noting that the organization is a terrorist one and a single approach should be taken in face of all terrorist and violent groups,” he added, affirming that the event was not acceptable to Iran and the objection, which was expressed this year, was right.