Iran new envoy submits credentials to Burundi‘s president

IRNA — Iran’s new accredited Ambassador to Burundi Morteza Mortazavi submitted his credentials to President Pierre NKurunziza on Saturday.

In the meeting, Mortazavi conveyed greetings of President Hassan Rouhani to his counterpart and expressed Rouhani appreciation for good cooperation of Burundi Republic with Iran in international organizations, including negative vote in Human Rights body.

He also conveyed oral invitation of President Rouhani for his counterpart NKurunziza to attend Presidential Oath Ceremony in Tehran.

Mortazavi also underlined Iranian companies’ capabilities in different fields and necessity of bilateral efforts to increase economic cooperation.

President NKurunziza thanked president Rouhani and welcomed his invitation and expressed his interests to expand ties in all fields, including reciprocal visits of senior officials.

He pointed to last year’s visit of Burundi Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation Alain Aime Nyamitwe to Tehran and called for necessity to try for execution of signed agreements and preparing grounds for expansion of mutual relations with investment and participation of Iranian companies in Burundi.

Ambassador Mortazavi also met with Minister of External Relations Alain Aime Nyamitwe on Friday and submitted copy of his credentials to him and discussed different grounds for mutual cooperation between the two countries with him.