Saudis to guarantee Iranian Hajj pilgrims’ safety

IRNA — Leadership representative in Hajj and Pilgrimage Hojjatoleslam Seyed Ali Qazi Askar said that Saudi Arabia has declared its commitment to guarantee safety and security of the Iranian Hajj pilgrims.

Addressing a seminar on Hajj, Qazi Askar assured Hajj pilgrims that there is no room for concern over travel to Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage purposes.

He said the deal signed between Iran and Saudi Arabia envisions the Saudis’ commitment to honor dignity, respect and security of the Iranian pilgrims.

Qazi Askar went on to say, “We have never wished decline for Hajj pilgrimage and in the year 1395 (2016-17), it was to perform Hajj per decree of the Supreme Leader.”

He noted that if this year’s annual Hajj pilgrimage would prove to be successful, seasonal Hajj will also be launched.

“We consider Hajj irrespective of bilateral relations.”

“We have never backed down our stances. They (Saudis) have accepted to verify root causes of the incidents in a fact-finding committee. So, we have sent 800 interviews conducted with families of the martyrs, to the committee.”

Furthermore, Saudis have announced in a written form that any prayer ceremony and assembly in the areas where Iranians are located will be allowed, said Qazi Askar, adding that hence, Komeil prayers will be said in the areas available to the Iranian side.

He said flights will be conducted based on schedule this year.

Iranian pilgrims will be flown to Saudi Arabia from 20 stations and the first caravan of Iranian pilgrims will head for Saudi Arabia as early as July 31.