Larijani & Sardar Ayaz Sadiq

Parliament Speaker: Iran-Pak banking ties necessary

IRNA – Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) speaker Ali Larijani in a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Sardar Ayaz Sadiq stressed establishing banking ties between the two countries as a way to facilitate the trade.

“Some agreements have been signed but they have yet to be implemented,’ added Larijani, expressing hope that the obstacles on the way of implementation be removed as soon as possible.

In the talks on the sidelines of the Second Meeting of Eurasian Parliaments Speakers in Seoul on Tuesday, he also declared that some measures have been taken to decrease the Customs tax, despite the restrictions.

The Iranian Parliament Speaker also emphasized the importance of protecting Pakistan’s borders by the government and army of the country in order to prevent terrorists from infiltrating Iran.

Ayaz Sadiq, for his part, reiterated the importance of implementing banking agreements with Iran and vowed to pursue the matter through the related commission in the Pakistani Parliament.

He also invited his counterpart for a conference with China, Turkey, Russia and Afghanistan on Judiciary security, energy security and fighting on terrorism.