Iraqi forces recapture villages from ISIL near Tel Afar

FNA- Iraqi forces recaptured several more villages from the ISIL militants in the surrounding areas of Tel Afar, located West of Mosul, Iraqi military source said on Tuesday.

Jabbar Hassan, Iraqi Army officer, said that troops from the Iraqi Army’s 15th Infantry Division have recaptured the villages of Tel Khima Minor, Musheiqra al-Uliya, Musheiqra al-Sufla, Abu Kaddur and Al-Baghla and Al-Buwair, Anadolu reported.

He added that the operation aims to step up the pressure on the ISIL militants in the town of Tel Afar, and limit their movement in the surrounding areas.

The ISIL terror group captured the town of Tel Afar back in 2014, when the group first emerged in Iraq, forcing hundreds of thousands of local residents to flee the area, leaving their homes behind.

However, the Iraqi forces continue their wide-range campaign against the IS insurgents in Iraq, as part of the ongoing military operation, which was launched by the Iraqi government back in October, 2016.