Afghan nation capable of fighting terrorists: Larijani

IRNA – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan is not necessary, as Afghan nation is capable enough to deal with terrorists.

In a meeting with Afghan Parliament Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi on Tuesday on the sidelines of Second Meeting of Eurasian Parliament Speakers, Larijani said that terrorism has hindered the country and foreign troops in the country under the pretext of fighting terrorism have disrupted the country’s progress.

He further noted that Iran will help Afghanistan in battling terrorism and it believes that reorganizing Afghan forces to fight terrorism is essential.

NATO has entered Afghanistan under excuse of fighting terrorism but their protracted presence in the country reveals that NATO is neither brave to fight terrorism nor is it serious in this respect.

Iran underlines the need for unity among Afghan political forces because gaps among the forces will have plenty of negative impacts, he said.

Afghan parliament speaker, for his part, said that Afghanistan has always seen Iran alongside it.

Condemning twin terrorist attacks in Tehran, Ibrahimi said that his country is seeking a suitable solution to tackle the evil phenomenon so that it will not spread to other neighboring states.

Larijani arrived in Seoul on Monday to Attend the Second Meeting of Eurasian Parliament Speakers.

First round of the event was held in Moscow last year with parliamentary officials of 20 countries in attendance.