Ayatollah Khomeini and the issue of Palestine

June 27, The Iran Project | Ali Hassan Heidari: Arab and non-Arab nations should know that the reason behind the ongoing horror in Palestine is the incompetence of some of the Muslim leaders who have not been able to cut off the hands of imperialism and Zionism from Muslim countries despite having access to rich natural resources and their considerable population; The subordination of some of the Arab countries has prevented Arab nations from liberating Palestine from Israel.  

We must be aware that the objective of imperialist powers of creating Israel is not merely occupying Palestine; given the opportunity, all Arab countries will fall victim to the fate of Palestine. Now that a group of brave Palestinians have risen against the aggressors and struggle to liberate Palestine from occupation, the stooges of imperialist powers are trying to separate Muslim countries from this group of freedom fighters and drive them out of strategic points. 

Don’t Muslims leaders and people have a duty to God and conscience to improve the deplorable situation of the Muslim people of Palestine? Should they remain silent or contribute to the suppression of self-sacrificing Palestinian men by the stooges of imperialism in the occupied lands? Don’t Arab states and their Muslim population know that should Palestinians fail, the other Arab countries will not survive this malefactor occupier?

What can be done? All Muslims and Muslim states, particularly Arab countries, should support and help Palestinian fighters by providing weapons and food in order to safeguard their own independence and freedom. The Palestinian freedom fighters must preserve in their holy fight by relying on God and Holy Quran and do not let the indifference of others dissuade them from their objective. Wherever they are, they must treat the residents well and according to their faith. 

Due to their deep Islamic sentiments, the Iranian people regard the occupation of Palestine as the loss of a part of their own country and therefore have always offered their deepest dedication to the Palestinian fighters despite suffering hardships and losses. We have always defended Palestine as our Islamic duty and God willing will continue to carry out our divine duty alongside with other Muslims. 

The deposed Shah of Iran had also relied on the US, UK, China and Israel. These supports, however, are weak. God, on the other hand, is a strong, unwavering support. 

Alas, the Muslims of the world, how long are you going to let Washington or Zionists dictate your destiny? How long should your al-Quds be trampled under the boots of American puppets? How long are you going to watch al-Quds, Palestine, Lebanon and the innocent Muslims living in these lands be oppressed by the aggressors and witness the abetment of your traitor Leaders? How long should 1 billion Muslim in the world and nearly 100 million Arabs who enjoy vast, rich natural resources witness the aggressions of Zionists and the West and their oppression as well as the atrocities they commit alongside with their Arab allies? 

How long are you going to tolerate the atrocities committed against your Palestinian brethren and ignore their cry for help? How long are you going to waste time on political reconciliation with superpowers instead of confronting the enemies of Islam and refuse to consider military power for liberating al-Quds? How long are you going to allow Israel to continue massacring Sunni Muslims in Palestine? 

Are the Muslim leaders now aware that political negotiations with powerful politicians and criminals will not save Palestine and Lebanon, and will only allow oppression and monstrosities to continue?

To liberate al-Quds, political games that stink ofreconciliation with superpowers must be discarded and machine guns must be used by reliance on faith and the power of Islam. Muslim nations, particularly Palestine and Arab countries, punish those who waste time on political maneuvers and do not accept political games that have no result other than suffering and loss for Palestine. 

The occupation of Palestine by Israel with the help of imperialist powers was a painful disaster for all Muslims, and imperialist powers were the main aggressors who plotted against Muslims in the region. Muslim states have suffered great losses at the hands of imperialist powers and the occupation of Palestine by Israel was one of the greatest losses. Palestinian fighters must avoid political games and rely on God. Palestine and al-Quds should not lose its priority and Israel must not be introduced as a friend by the US and Arab traitors. Do not let fear prevail; how long are you going to allow Western myths to frighten Muslims with their propaganda? How long are Muslims going to ignore Islam’s power? Helping Palestine is an Islamic duty, not merely a humanitarian one. All Muslims must make effort to liberate Palestinian people from Israel, as the US and Zionism are trying to deprioritize fight for freedom among Palestinians and Muslims by distracting Muslim world with political games and empty promises.