Muslims vow support for Palestinian cause on Quds Day

IRNA – Muslims across the world took part in rallies on the International Quds Day on Friday in a show of support for the Palestinian cause.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim took to the streets in cities like Istanbul, Dagestan, Dubai, and Nicosia to condemn the 70-year occupation of the Palestinian territories by the Zionist usurper regime.

Iranians living in Dubai gathered in Imam Hussein (AS) Mosque to support Palestine and express their repugnance towards the Zionist oppression of the Palestinian people, occupation of the Palestinian Land, and the continued killing, imprisonment and displacement of Palestinians and construction of Zionist settlements on the Palestinian homeland.

Muslims in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia, also attended demonstration to show their abhorrence towards all the crimes committed by the Zionists in the Occupied Territories.

Noori Mohammadzadeh, a religious leader in Dagestan, said in the ceremony, “the International Quds Day exposed the Zionists plan to consign Palestine into oblivion and it has created new hope for liberating al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Also in Cyprus, the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted a ceremony on Quds Day.

Present at the ceremony were religious figures, including Christian and Muslim clerics, the Iranian ambassador, and local authorities.

Calling the Zionist regime “the old wound of the region” Iranian Ambassador to Nicosia Reza Zabib said, “Occupation is unanimously considered the source of problems in the Middle East.”

Zabib added that as long as the Palestinians are denied their right of determining their fate, all peace plans are doomed to failure.

To achieve peace, it is necessary to refer to the votes of all Palestinians from all religions; and the Islamic Republic of Iran has presented this plan to the global community long ago, he added.

Moreover, many political and cultural figures of Turkey alongside the general public, shouted slogans against the Zionist regime, calling for liberation of Al-Quds and Palestine while carrying the Palestinian flag, and pictures of the Palestinian martyrs.