Iran sending 1,100 tonnes of food to Qatar daily

Press TV- Iran says it is exporting over 1,100 tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables from its southern ports to Qatar every day.

The announcement was made by Mohammad Mehdi Bonchari, the director of ports of Iran’s Bushehr province.

Bonchari added that the shipments were made from Dayyer, Bolkheir and Genaveh ports.

He added that Bushehr had historic trade ties with Qatar, adding that the same ties were being used to export food to the Persian Gulf state which is caught in a diplomatic dispute with its neighbors which started in early June.

Iran opened a food corridor with Qatar immediately after the start of the county’s diplomatic crisis.

The Iranian national carrier Iran Air announced on June 11 that it had sent planeloads of fruits and vegetables to Qatar for several days each weighing around 100 tonnes.

The flights originated from Tehran and Shiraz.

Other officials said the fruits and vegetables had been supplied for exports to Qatar from Alborz and Fars provinces.

On the same front, Iran’s media said in mid-June that the country had sent its first cargo with 180 tonnes of fruits and vegetables from Bandar Lengeh port to Qatar.

Other reports said Iran was also looking into exporting dairy products to Qatar and certain negotiations to the same effect were underway.

Officials have also been quoted by media as saying that Iran could ship at least 45 tonnes of dairy products to Qatar.

Furthermore, the head of Iran’s cattle exporting association earlier told the domestic media on June 11 that the country had sent 66 tonnes of beef to Qatar, adding that another 90 tonnes was expected to follow.