Iranian commander blames US, S. Arabia, Turkey, Europe for creating ISIL

FNA- Deputy Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri took the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and certain regional and European states responsible for the creation of the ISIL terrorist group.

“The ISIL is the result of the US think tanks and its rulers’ political-security decisions which was created and spread with the help of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and certain other regional and European countries,” General Jazzayeri said on Wednesday.

He, meantime, described as futile the US and its allies’ attempts to reach their goals in the region through proxy wars and even deployment of forces.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, General Jazzayeri underlined that evidence and the American officials’ remarks show that the US has created the ISIL terrorist group in collaboration with the reactionary regional states.

“The world people have not forgotten the current US president’s confessions about the former president when he said that they have created the ISIL and helped it,” Jazzayeri said.

“All documents show that the ISIL and other terrorist groups have been nurtured by the US and the reactionary regional regimes,” he added.

Also this month, General Jazzayeri underlined that the ISIL has been created and nurtured by the US and its regional allies, Saudi Arabia in particular.

“The ISIL terrorist group is affiliated to the US and Saudi Arabia and it carries out terrorist attacks under the direction and support of these two countries,” General Jazzayeri said.

He reiterated that the destructive effects of state terrorism which is supported by Saudi Arabia and the US as well as some reactionary countries of the region can be seen in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen as well as some European countries.