IRGC denies Saudi arrests claim

Tasnim– A top official of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps denied claims by Saudi Arabia that it has captured three IRGC members in the Persian Gulf.

In an interview with Tasnim on Tuesday, the IRGC deputy for political affairs, General Rassoul Sanaeerad, slammed the Saudi claim as an outright lie.

“The claim lacks any value … and looks more like a joke,” he added.

The general then described the kingdom’s claim as an amateurish measure for psychological warfare purposes and one that could not be verified by any means.

On Monday, Saudi Arabia claimed that its forces had captured and were questioning three IRGC members who were allegedly intending to carry out an attack on a major offshore oilfield in the Persian Gulf.

Majid Aqababaee, the Iranian Interior Ministry’s director general for border affairs, had already dismissed the report, saying it is not true.