Iran hosts 360,000 Afghan students

June 20, The Iran Project – An official of Iran’s Ministry of Education says we are honored to host 360,000 Afghan students in accordance with the Supreme Leader’s order not to deprive Afghan children from education, even undocumented or illegal ones.

In a meeting with Abdulwaseh Aryan Deputy Director of Afghanistan Education Planning and Policy Planning on Tuesday, Rezvan Hakimzadeh Deputy of Elementary Education of Iran’s Ministry of Education said considering Iran-Afghanistan’s common language, border, culture and religion, we are ready to continuously cooperate with Kabul in educational fields.

Iran’s providing Afghan students with good-quality education increased the two countries educational relations, said Abdulwaseh Aryan in the meeting with his Iranian counterpart.

He referred to Afghanistan’s educational needs as teacher training curriculum, setting up an evaluation system for teachers in Afghanistan, teachers training for technical and professional branch, Iranian advisors presence in Afghanistan for educational development, teaching Afghan children with special needs, exchanging Iranian experiences in educational technology sector, establishing a branch of Farhangian University in Kabul, and attending cultural events such as student festivals.

Hakimzadeh also invited the Afghan delegation to attend nomadic student festival to be held next month in Mashhad, saying Iran’s ministry of education is ready to provide Afghanistan with its experiences in a variety of fields, including training and empowering teachers of different levels and the instructors in teacher training courses, and developing professional and technical training of the country.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei earlier issued an order stressing that all Afghan children, even children of the undocumented migrants living in the country illegally, have the right to register and study in Iran’s schools.