Habibollah Sayyari

Iran criticizes US unprofessional behavior in Int’l waters after colliding with Philippine vessel

FNA- Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari blasted the US naval forces’ unprofessional behavior in the free waters after a US Navy destroyer collided with a Philippine cargo ship.

“Sometimes, the Americans call our actions in the Persian Gulf as unprofessional behavior but their behavior and collision in a big and vast sea is unprofessional and indicates their hostile positions against the Islamic Republic,” Rear Admiral Sayyari told reporters in Tehran on Monday.

“The (US) navy which claims to enjoy a high level of technology is expected to not show such behavior,” he added.

All seven missing US sailors were found dead in the compartments of the US Navy destroyer that collided with a cargo ship early Saturday morning 56 miles from Japan.

According to the US 7th Fleet, the bodies were found Sunday morning by divers after the $1.5billion USS Fitzgerald returned to its base in Yokosuka.

The ship’s captain, Commander Bryce Benson, was asleep when the accident happened and his cabin was destroyed.

On Saturday, US and Japanese forces launched joint air-and-sea search missions to find them as the heavily damaged guided-missile cruiser made its way back to the home port of Yokosuka Naval Base.

The owners of the commercial ship reported that all 20 of its Filipino crew were safe.